ART from the ashes (AFTA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization who champions the transformative power of art to bring community together.

Founded in 2007 as an answer to communities devastated by wildfire, the organization creates art from the aftermath of disaster to aid community recovery. In the spirit of its founding principles, “Support. Inspire. Create. Renew.”, reclaimed materials are salvaged from site significant locations, and through the vision of artists, are transfigured into one of a kind works of art to support a benefit exhibition for the affected community. ART from the ashes efforts are made possible through grants, sponsorships, public/private donations and a team of dedicated volunteers.

Since its inception, AFTA has produced 11 large-scale exhibitions from concept to implementation, including a traveling exhibition, and facilitated public art commissions & installations for U.S. artists. As the connection to AFTA’s creative approach grew within Southern California and beyond, the organization expanded its scope to curate and produce specialty programming and events outside of its cause related efforts under AFTA Productions.

With expertise in fine arts, live performance, set & show design, engineering, fabrication, curation, promotion, publicity and marketing, AFTA Productions has the capability to handle all aspects of arts programming, temporary & permanent installations and special events. Through its partnership, client and artist contacts AFTA Productions has access to a broad sector of the creative community. AFTA Productions serves as a supportive resource for ART from the ashes relief effort initiatives.

Our Team:  

AFTA’s team is comprised of creative professionals with 25+ years of experience in fine arts, set & show fabrication, sustainable design, marketing, publicity, community programming and social networking. These individuals contribute their time and talent to be a positive influence within their community and pride themselves on cultivating and producing innovative and diverse exhibitions, installations and creative programs.

YOU ARE HERE, curated/presented by AFTA Productions, will initiate a temporary public art program in Glendale, CA.  A series of installations submitted by individual artists, teams or organizations will be selected through this proposal process to create exterior temporary art installations or experiences for site-specific locations in Glendale’s arts & culture district, municipal district and areas of historic significance.  The exact locations will be determined upon receipt of all proposals in order to provide an ideal intersection of the work and site.  The program is seeking installations that are able to withstand exposure to the elements, incorporate illumination/projection for after-hours impact and/or provide an interactive experience. 

The brand concept for YOU ARE HERE plays upon the geographic visual of a map and corresponding locations in Glendale. YOU ARE HERE by name association alone lends itself to a literal translation of a specific destination on a map, an ideal graphic to chart the course of the citys public art experience.  YOU ARE HERE will profile Glendale as a creative destination to discover and explore.

Program Dates: November 1, 2014 - December 31, 2015

Installations will be exhibited throughout this timeframe.  Individual artists or artist teams should indicate in their submission detail if there is an ideal time of year or environmental surrounding that would enhance the impact of their installation.  (i.e. organic/plant based installations best in Fall/Winter milder conditions, seasonal/holiday based ideas, illuminated installations best during longer hrs of darkness etc.)

Open to individual artists or artist teams residing in Southern California.
Submitted concepts must align with program theme YOU ARE HERE.

Artists or artist teams are invited to submit up to 3 existing works for consideration or may propose a concept for a new work/installation. Prior experience creating and installing temporary public art is preferred but not required. If you have further questions regarding your submission please send inquiries to: 

Installations will be awarded budgets between $500.00 and $5000.00.  This amount is intended to cover all costs associated with the installation, including materials, transport, electronic or technology needs, installation maintenance during exhibition and de-installation of work.  Proposed budget must be feasible for the submitted or proposed works.  Maintenance requirements during the exhibition should also be reflected in your budget proposal.  Should your proposed budget exceed the range specified, please include how the additional costs will be covered.